Essential apps for commerce analytics

A 5% lift in customer retention can boost profits between 25% and 95%.


Connect Shopify to GPT and Get Instant Answers to Any Business Questions.


Leverage a propensity model to identify the most receptive audiences for your campaign.

RFM Segmentation

Optimize revenue growth by identifying your high-value customers with RFM segmentation.

Second Purchase

Unveil the patterns to turn new customers into repeat customers and boost your revenue exponentially.

Repurchase Analysis

Understand customers' repurchase patterns, pinpoint funnel drop-off, and maximize long-term customer retention.

First Purchase

Discover brands and categories that are driving new customers and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

Purchase Retention

provides insights into customer loyalty, acquisition channel quality, and marketing strategy effectiveness.

Customer Lifetime Value

Assess acquisition and retention campaigns ROI for both new and repeat customers.

Weekly Business Review

Assess your business health and swiftly identify potential drivers or laggards impacting your revenue.

Brand Analysis

Gain insights into brand performance, unveiling substitutes and affinities of the brand.

Why Magicbean analytical apps?

Speed to insights

Integrate our analytics apps with ease and get instant insights by connecting them to your current systems.

Variety of apps

Discover a diverse range of analytical apps, tailored to meet your unique e-commerce and retail needs.


Access advanced analytics without the need for an in-house team, saving you time and resources while enhancing your business growth.

Customizable solutions

Select the ideal analytical solution from our app store or have us create a personalized app to meet your specific needs.

Unlock insights to lift
customer lifetime value today!

14 days free trial

Experience the power of analytic apps with your own data through a 14-day free trial. No data skills are required, as this trial allows you to easily understand the insights and benefits of using Magicbeean.

Get a live demo

Discover how analytic apps can help you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions without the need for extensive data knowledge.

10+ Apps to explore

Through exploring different apps, you can discover tools and features that are tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to streamline your workflow, manage tasks more efficiently, and stay organized.

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