Repurchase Analysis

Understand customers' repurchase patterns, pinpoint funnel drop-off, and maximize long-term customer retention.

Core values of Repurchase Analysis

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Conversion funnel


Customer retention

Measure customer loyalty

Analyzing the overall repurchase conversion rate, days between orders, and order value is an effective way to measure customer loyalty. Customer registration cohort and geography may impact customer loyalty too.

Measure customer loyalty

Pinpoint the bottleneck of conversion funnel

With Repurchase Analysis, you can use a repurchase funnel to discover the conversion rate of each stage in the funnel. By comparing the behavior and preferences of customers who dropped off at each stage with those who successfully converted, you can identify the differences and pinpoint the bottleneck.

Pinpoint the bottleneck of conversion funnel

Data requirements

Order details dataset

Customers dataset

Products dataset

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