Connect Shopify to GPT and Get Instant Answers to Any Business Questions.

Core values of MagicGPT

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Instant Insights


Effortless Data Access

Get instant answers through a prompt

An AI assistant provides you with valuable business insights around the clock. Ask questions like, ‘How much in sales did I do yesterday in California last week?’ and get instant, accurate results.

Get instant answers through a prompt

Transform ad-hoc requests into interactive dashboards

Easily visualize and organize results in a user-friendly dashboard, which you can set to refresh automatically at regular intervals.

Transform ad-hoc requests into interactive dashboards

Data requirements

Order details dataset

Products dataset

Orders dataset

Order line refund dataset

Unlock insights to lift
customer lifetime value today!

14 days free trial

Experience the power of analytic apps with your own data through a 14-day free trial. No data skills are required, as this trial allows you to easily understand the insights and benefits of using Magicbeean.

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Discover how analytic apps can help you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions without the need for extensive data knowledge.

10+ Apps to explore

Through exploring different apps, you can discover tools and features that are tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to streamline your workflow, manage tasks more efficiently, and stay organized.

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